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About Us and Our History in Seafood

Our Founder

Hello, I am Tyler Chadwick, a commercial fisherman and owner of Chadwick’s Seafood. My family has a long history in commercial fishing since the 1800s. I learned the fishing trade from a large extended family of commercial watermen. Fishing is not just a trade but a way of life for me. What I love about fishing is being on the water at four o’clock in the morning to check my nets, seeing nature wake up around me as the sun begins to rise. My passion is providing the highest-quality, local seafood to folks, just like me, who love eating the freshest local products.

Our Mission

Chadwick’s Seafood continues the tradition and livelihood of commercial fishermen. We provide only the freshest, highest-quality seafood caught in North Carolina to our customers. We seek to educate the public on the health benefits of eating seafood, and promote the sustainability of this resource and this way of life.

Our Company

“Cut’em loose boys, let’s go to work.”

As the boat glides from the dock and the world is waking up with the sunrise, Tyler Chadwick and friends head out to check their crab pots, excited by the unpredictability of the day’s catch and the adventure that awaits.

Tyler, the founder of Chadwick’s Seafood, comes from several generations of commercial fishermen. For him the love of working the water is inborn and a driving force behind the creation of this company.

His first intention was to follow in his family’s footsteps and become a commercial fisherman. However, Tyler soon discovered that several factors — including the influx of cheap, imported seafood and the escalating cost of various licenses — were causing fish houses to go out of business, along with local folks who chose to make their living on the water.

In response, he started Chadwick’s Seafood to provide North Carolina-caught seafood, much of it from the waters surrounding Carteret County, to consumers who value the freshest, highest-quality products available, while supporting the local economy and this traditional way of life.
Tyler Chadwick