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Chadwick’s Seafood always strives to provide the highest quality products. Two years ago, Tyler and Norris started their oyster campaign for fresh, local oysters that they would harvest themselves. They began the day riding out on the water trying to find wild oysters to harvest that already were not in a private bed. The quality and abundance they found was very, very low. So, Tyler and Norris started talking about an oyster lease that would provide them an optimal supply of oysters so they could start providing their community with a 100% organic, 100% sustainable oyster. Once they decided that was what they were going to do, they immediately did research. Following their research, they discovered what it takes to grow an oyster from start to finish and that it was going to be a tedious process. Tyler and Norris applied for a lease through the NC Division of Marine Fisheries and after 8 long months, they were granted the lease! Carolina Gold Oysters will be the meaning of a true, wild oyster.